Fun + stress = 20s

Being in your twenties is really super great, the whole world is waiting for you, you can try thousands of new things, explore life, have fun, dream, wish and hope…have some discounts, BUT guess what? I’m figuring out that it’s also so much stressful, hard and exhausting!
While studying for exams I have quite a lot of time to think more about … well, basically everything.
I’m sure you’re familiar with that situation when you’re sitting in front of a book and hundred PowerPoint slides, asking yourself what is the purpose of learning that subject you don’t even like and how would you even put all of this information in your tiny little brain. Yup, in those situations that tiny brain starts overthinking.


So I’m asking myself – is it actually tough to be in your twenties with all the decisions you have to make and organise your life for the future? ‘Cause I’m not good at decision making and kind of have some difficulties with finding my life goal.


Maybe it was easier for our parents’ generation growing up in a (comunist) system that figured out few things by itself instead of them (ex.provided jobs, less opportunities and different possibilities) and it’s our generation now that feels a little bit lost in this global world, filled with chaos of “imaginary” possibilities, things to do and try before you get too old (and after all the “lost” opportunities you even feel disappointed you missed them like you’re missing your life out, what?!). And yet, expecting from us to have determined ideas of what we want to become and get on a work positions.
I tell you, it is a big pressure down here. On my bucket list there are too many things I would like to do, experience, exploit and try while being a student and “free” of everyday worries before I turn into a responsible adult. But there’s a catch ’cause I’m having this inner conflict between responsibilities as a student – doing exams and planning my potential career and giving up on a system I don’t understand much about and just escape somewhere with flowers in my head. Yeah, i know..i’m bipolar between responsible behaviour and teenage dreams.
So much about things we worry about that later in life wouldn’t even matter (ex.exams, boyfriends,..), spending so much energy on figuring out where do we belong, changing ideas, dealing with rejections … or are we actually just facing life as it really is?
‘Couse man, it’s rough! It’s exhausting! Well…I guess I’m having one of those existential crisis? 😳


But let’s not conclude this with an idea that being in your 20s is just about huge amount of stress while trying to swim between life decisions BUT it is also great. Great because we can enjoy our youth and we live in an amazing area where almost nothing is determined and none of our decisions are permanent – so, yeaah, we can rethink and reorganise our life now and than and just get used to ups and downs while optimistically dealing with them 😎
Chase sunshines ! ☀

4 thoughts on “Fun + stress = 20s”

  1. I think having many options widens your horizons, makes you see and feel more things. You can shape your life, as you want it to be. But people ten to be afraid to do that, that is where “existential crisis comes in” It is not about the depression, or about finding yourself, the question is in, if you are not afraid to know the answer. Sounds familiar? “Matrix” maybe? but it is true.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion:) I partly agree with you but I was also trying to say how too many options push us into the stress of the right decision/choice. Definitely if we take challenges and dive into life it gets more exciting and full

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