Every end is a new beginning🎆

The end of another year is symbolically telling us that something old is saying goodbye so we can welcome new era.
At this point we’re preparing ourselves a little bit by trying to remember all those things that left a mark in this year.
I hate those (stupid) Facebook posts about how shitty 2016 was, how everyone’s complaining about being disappointed about this year, how nothing magnificent happened and how everyone’s hoping that 2017 will finally be his/her year…yeah, right! Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t work like that-you order to 2017 to be your year and than you wait until at the end of the year you complain about how it wasn’t.
That’s enough about complaining and useless Facebook posts.

Instead I want to remind you how more pleasant, beautiful and specially calm is to think about all those things and moments that actually made 2016 our year. Which experiences it gave to us, what did we learn, where we went wrong, who we met, which were the places we went for the first time, which were the things we tried for the first time, who made us laugh, love and enjoy life and who left some unpleasant mark on our path? There are so many other questions we can make to ourselves to feel our heart skip a beat and realise how thankful we should be for everything.
I am very thankful for 2016. It was a really great year where a lot of things happened – mostly those things were unforgettable, some of them hurt, some of them were stupid, some of them made me nervous and hopeless, some of them made me smile and fall in love, some of them were catching the moment and some of them made me realise dreams do come true but definitely all of them formed me into person I am today-at the end of this wonderful year.
I am thankful for this fulfilled year. For places I visited and travelled to and for people I met that spent some precious moments with me.
And ofcourse do not forget about you friends and family that are always there when you need them 💛

At the end of this year I’m curious what has this beginning, coming up in few days, to offer this time.
Wish you all the best, be thankful, enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration and always chase sunshines! 🎆 🎉

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