Fun + stress = 20s

Being in your twenties is really super great, the whole world is waiting for you, you can try thousands of new things, explore life, have fun, dream, wish and hope...have some discounts, BUT guess what? I'm figuring out that it's also so much stressful, hard and exhausting!

My first one and life's not boring!

Here it is, my fist blog post about trying new things and making your life awesome adventure..

Every end is a new beginning 🎆

Another year is saying goodbye so the new one can come and surprise us! That's why we should be thankful for all that happened and be ready for new beginnings

Trondheim, Norway: Northern lights and Dog-sledding

Short travel article about Trondheim beauties and some tips when travelling to Norway

Wild Geese for rainy days

On a rainy day, I would like to share this poem with, I'm not feeling depressive or so as the poem may reflect, actually I'm in peace, thankful and positive 🙂 Read it and discover what might it say to you...

Kdo so ljudje, ki jih srečujemo?

Vsakodnevno srečujemo znane in nove obraze, ki sooblikujejo naše življenje...kdo so in kaj nam sporočajo?